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We Bring Physical Therapy To You

Why Fiziologix | RowPhysio Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is more than just a bunch of generic exercises. It is more than a massage or a few spinal adjustments...

FIZIOLOGIX PT is a YOU-centered, integrated, thoughtful and dynamic approach to improving your health, wellness and function.

With us you always have a choice to receive PT in the most convenient way.

What sets us apart from the other rehabilitation specialists?

It starts with YOU.

Your schedule. Your time. Your location of choice.

We offer mobile physical therapy that comes to your home or office. We also offer telemedicine from the comfort of your own camera-enabled computer or smartphone. For those who prefer to come in to a PT clinic, we offer several locations for you to choose from.

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It starts with YOUR GOALS.

Have you been waking up with back pain or sciatica? Having difficulty sitting or standing for any length of time? Are you changing your exercise routines trying to push through it? Have you had to cancel plans because you’re scared you’ll flare up?

FizioLogix Physical Therapy is a personalized approach to injury rehabilitation and wellness. We start with a detailed 1-on-1 interview with Physical Therapist Dr. Greg Spooner to establish trust, understand what you’re contending with, then create a personalized plan to work together using:

  • Physical Therapy, personalized.
  • Specific exercises to improve strength, endurance and motor control.
  • Hands-on muscle and joint mobilization for better mobility and range of motion.
  • Activity modification strategies to improve participation with your day-to-day activities (e.g. carry your child, get in/out of your car, exercise).

We Come To You!

With our mobile physical therapy, we bring rehabilitation to you!
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Welcome to RowPhysio Shop!

What's RowPhysio? Great question.

RowPhysio is a combination of two passions: rowing and physical therapy. I created the RowPhysio Shop because as I search the internet for the best rowing related products, I do so through the lens of one who's played roles of athlete, spectator, and coach.

My name is Greg, and I've been rowing (starboard and scull, specifically) both flat and open water since 2000. As a physical therapist and injury prevention specialist, I've been working directly with rowing athletes helping them row faster, cleaner, and with more injury resilience.

I've been rowing since February 2000, and as our great sport rightfully continues to grow to reach greater audiences of athletes and spectators, it should also see a similar growth in ease of access to the gear and accessories that we need for regattas and practice.



Outside of the gear and equipment necessary to go fast and be injury resilient in rowing and all other pursuits, I also offer online based physical therapy and performance services. Be sure to check the links at the top and bottom of the page, and set yourself up with a FREE 15-minute consultation to figure out which service is best for you.

If there is any gear or equipment you don't see that you'd like me to track down for you, please send me a message and I'll get on the hunt.

As a token of my appreciation, and as celebration for the launch of the RowPhysio Shop, use the coupon code RPSLAUNCH10 at checkout and enjoy 10% off your 1st order.