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For Rowers: Two Tips to a Better, Stronger Catch

Tight hips, hamstrings, and calves are often the culprits blamed for catch compression challenges in the rowing shell, and rightly so! But there's an even more unlikely culprit that's sapping precious seconds from your 2k or 5k times.


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While both sexes commonly suffer from tight muscles developed through our sitting habits, there's an unexpected, lesser known and more complicated neighboring joint... and it's stiff, rigid, and limiting your true performance output: The ankle.

As part of today's focus on the ankle, here are two key tips to getting a better, stronger catch.
  1. Improve your whole-body mobility by performing this dynamic warmup before every workout;
  2. Take 2-minutes and perform these ankle mobilizations every day and see a noticeable result in no-time:

    Improving your catch compression includes a number of different changes involving flexibility, mobility and body position changes as well as the option of rigging your station to improve stroke efficiency.



    ankle catch compression shins vertical water rower physical therapy stretching

    Get quick results and get after these daily self-mobilizations for your ankles. In just two minutes you will change your stroke dramatically.

    Don't forget to leave a comment below and share your success!

    ... All 8 ... Ready at the catch?


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